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Find about Puppy moods

Knowing your puppy’s mood is not difficult when you observe the signals he is giving you. Naturally we know barks and a  wagging tail are indications of his mood but did you know the way the ears are held, paw position, and his mouth, as well as several other signs are all things to pay attention to when figuring out if he is in the best mood for training.

The playful mood is easy to pick up on. The pup will be wagging his tail while the body is rear high with the head and front paws down low. He is a position for fast movement to fetch a ball or make a run at you.

If he is feeling in a very friendly mood his mouth will be relaxed, the tail as well as his entire hind quarters will be moving side to side, with ears in a upright perky position and his eyes fully open and alert. He may also give a bark or whine as well.

The stressed out puppy will exhibit rapid breathing though a wide open mouth, his body might be trembling, the tail is tucked between the hind legs, and his ears will be down. These signals are common to a puppy that is fearful. They can include the hair on his back standing up, barking, and his eyes showing the whites as the head moves from side to side.


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